STARS IN YOUR EYES by Lynn Kurland

STARS IN YOUR EYES by Lynn Kurland
Stars in your Eyes
by Lynn Kurland

Published by Jove Genres: Paranormal
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High achiever, Imogen Maxwell only wants to be involved with movies and pursue her passion.  When an opportunity presents itself, she jumps at the chance to prove her worth even if it’s not under the best of circumstances.  However, Imogen never imagined how “out of time” those circumstances could be.  Will she find more than she bargained for in her quest for happiness, or will she give it all up to be back in her own comfort zone?


Phillip de Piaget has come to claim his promised bride.  Finding the young lady dangling from the walls of her keep instead of flinging refuse at him gave him pause.  It doesn’t take long for the handsome gentleman to deduce that the lass he has just caught isn’t his to begin with, but he’d like her to be.  Will Phillip be able to convince her that love is worth more than anything she could have left behind, or will someone else seal Phillip’s fate for him?


Stars in Your Eyes began with great promise.  The plots seemed interesting, as most Lynn Kurland’s books are, and the characters were well fleshed-out.  However, they just weren’t clicking for me in Stars in Your Eyes.  I felt that Phillip and Imogen spent more time apart than together.  I didn’t see where their feelings could’ve developed other than being told that they were there in Stars in Your Eyes.

Stars in Your Eyes had great characters that had me wanting to get to know them, even the so-called villain of the piece.  I enjoyed the setting of this tale and wished to explore it more in Stars in Your Eyes.  However, I just couldn’t believe in the love that Phillip and Imogen professed in the end.  It felt more like she was available for him, and he provided her with an escape from her atrocious family…a settling, if you will.

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