STARTING WITH THE UNEXPECTED by Andi VanStarting With The Unexpected by Andi Van
Series: Beginnings & Endings
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher


Zachary Blaise is blessed with a life that fits him to a tee.  The radio DJ for Wave 97, a small station in town has a surprisingly large following, especially in the LGBT community.  Zach lives with his best friend since forever, Jordan Walker, who delivers morning papers for a living.  Yep, that’s right and Zach helps him sometimes.


The fates seem to be playing a fast one on Zach because his latest calamity involves a mix up with the sexes and his emails.  On top of that he’s got a major crush on the waiter at his favorite diner in town.


Everyone at the diner knows that waiter Marcus Edwards has it bad for Zach.  Finding out that the feelings are mutual should make life so much easier.  Well, it would make Marcus’s life simpler if only his ex-boyfriend would take a hint.  And then of course there’s his sister who slept with said ex.  Zach is going to love getting embroiled in this mess…


Starting with the Unexpected is truly the perfect title for this zany romance.  Told in first person point of view there is nothing Zach holds back in this unconventional love story.  The plotline continually runs off the rails to the delight of readers.  Memorable characters engage in witty chatter as danger quietly circles the unsuspecting from behind.  Hold on tight, Starting with the Unexpected is definitely a bumpy, enjoyable ride from beginning to end.

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