STASIS by Kim Fielding

STASIS by Kim FieldingStasis by Kim Fielding
Series: Ennek Trilogy #1
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by DSP Publications

The city-state of Praesidium is considered one of the most powerful and profitable in all the known lands.  Their success is in large part due to strict laws and rules which the Chief and the wizard carry out.  The current Chief is a no nonsense, rigid widower with two sons, his heir Larkin and Ennek, the spare.  Thelius is their powerful, secretive wizard.  Law breakers become bond-slaves, the more heinous criminals are sent into Stasis, a deathlike state.


For the most part once Ennek completed his studies he was left to his own devices, especially after his mother’s suicide.  As a young man Ennek spent most of his time drinking and gambling.  Well aware that relations between men is strictly forbidden he’s chosen to forgo any relationship altogether.


Ennek finally finds purpose in life when Larkin assigns him the responsibility of Portmaster for their city-state.  His days are filled with business rather than trouble.  At last Ennek has a worthy purpose.  The only difficulty in his life is the dreams of Stasis he cannot control.  Less than a handful of times Ennek has witnessed those in Stasis.  One in particular stands out to him, the prisoner has even opened his eyes and moved which should be impossible.  His decision to retrieve the prisoner has repercussions that cost Ennek more than he can spare.  His soul and that of the prisoner Miner.  All will be required of them both in the end.


Author Kim Fielding lays the foundation for a fantastical alternative world that alternates with wonder and chills.  Ennek’s story rings with conviction whether he’s a wastrel or a hero.  Stasis thoroughly entertains.  This reality comes alive, between Ennek and the other characters, as well as the rich, descriptive storyline Stasis literally breathes itself into the pages.  There is an overwhelming sense of tension, angst, and the spirit to succeed in Stasis.  Absolutely riveting.  But beware, there is a cliffhanger.

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