STAY UNTIL WE BREAK by Mercy BrownStay Until We Break by Mercy Brown
Series: Hub City #2
Genres: New Adult
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Intermix


Stay Until We Break in the second book in Mercy Brown’s Hub City Romance series and it was just as awesome as the first book, Loud is How I Love You. This New Adult series is quickly knocking me off my feet and while I read this genre every once in a while this has to be one of my favorites. It has the real music feel and makes me think if this was in fact a real band I would definitely want to watch them play.


Sonia is the tour manager of SOFT aka Stars On The Floor and Emmylou’s best friend. While in college this group sets off from city to city to play their tunes in the hopes of becoming signed. Sonia has had a crush on Cole who is the bassist for the band but she knows his reputation and doesn’t want to get caught up in that. A little flirting here and there has never hurt anyone but what Sonia doesn’t know is that Cole has been feeling the same way about her for some time.


Cole hasn’t had an easy life and he needs to prepare to help put his younger sister through school. Quitting SOFT is something he needs to do so he can get a real job, as his mother reminds him often, but his mother doesn’t understand his passion for playing. From the moment he picked up a bass he knew this was what he was meant for but in a few months that will all come to an end.


Cole and Sonia were in a complicated friendship with each other. They both had feelings for one another that they didn’t show for a few reasons. Sonia didn’t want to be another notch in Cole’s belt and Cole didn’t want to start something with her when he knows his life will be changing in a few months. I really liked them and the way they started to get closer as the story progressed. Cole was one of the sweetest heroes I have read about in a long time and to top that off he was loyal. I couldn’t help but wish he could pursue his music with the band and Sonia without having the pressure from his mother.


I loved the journey that Cole and Sonia were embarking on but also the journey of the band. The way Ms. Brown describes where they sleep, set up and the disappointments they go through was realistic and had me taking in every single word. While Cole and Sonia’s relationship was the main focus it didn’t stop me from enjoying the other members of the band and the funny banter that came along with them.


I did come across some things that were repeated a few times that I think could have been left out but it didn’t take away from the story. The story flowed and I found myself on the road with the band and enjoying myself as much as they did when they performed.


When this series first started I wasn’t so sure about it but now that I’m in to it I couldn’t imagine not having read it. I also really liked that this doesn’t take place this year but it takes place in the 1990’s which I thought was really cool. I didn’t expect Stay Until We Break to be as emotional as it was but I honestly was pleased with how the story went and the ending was just as surprising. Don’t worry Hub City fans we still have Joey’s story to come and I can’t wait to see what else is next for Stars On The Floor. Even if you aren’t a music lover everyone can appreciate Stay Until We Break.

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