STAY HUNGRY by Lorie O’Clare

STAY HUNGRY by Lorie O’Clare
Stay Hungry
by Lorie O'Clare

Series: The Bounty Hunters #3
Published by Macmillan, St. Martin's Press Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Miranda

One of the best manhunters in the business, Jake King usually chases fugitives on the run. But now he’s been hired to protect a beautiful private eye who’s flirting with danger. Her name is Angela, and the last thing she wants is hired muscle getting in the way of her investigation. But this time she’s so deep undercover, she could use all the muscle she can get her hands on…Jake agrees to play by Angela’s rules—and lay low while she gets close to one of the deadliest crime lords to have entered the States. But the closer Angela gets to her target, the closer she feels to Jake. As her bodyguard, he has more than just a professional interest in her body—and he’ll do anything to keep her safe. But Angela is playing a dangerous game with a criminal mastermind who can make any woman his slave. And she could be next…

Angela Huxtable is on an undercover mission to bring down one of the United States deadliest crime lords. As a private eye Angela knows what she’s doing but this case has challenged her like no other. Angela and her father have been working as a team on this undercover operation. When her father is called away on another case he enlists the help of the one of the best fugitive hunters around.

Jake King is good at his job and he knows it. Womanizing is in his blood but there is one woman that left such an impression he can’t stop thinking about her. When he gets the call that she could be in danger he jumps at the chance to be her backup. She may not be happy to see him again but he doesn’t let that faze him. If there is anything that Jake King can do its win over a woman and this woman needs him while she is walking into the arms of danger. 

The heat rises as the danger escalates. Angela isn’t interested in being Jake’s flavor of the week…again. Can Jake become a one woman man? Can Angela and Jake bring down the notorious crime lord with the vicious drug before they lose it all?

Stay Hungry is a sexy page turner! While I truly wish I had read the previous books in The Bounty Hunters series it is not that hard to follow the story. The chemistry between Angela and Jake is so explosive that it is impossible not to feel it. I was not too keen on the slave juice plot because a designer drug that makes a person a slave to someone else is just plain creepy and hopefully implausible but I did like this couple. Jake a known male whore gets a reality check when he finds the woman he can’t forget and she promptly gives him the attitude he deserves. I like that Angela is a strong independent woman who gives as good as she gets. The scenes with Angela and Jake are hot and fiery! Stay Hungry is a thrilling read!

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