STEALING DRAGON’S HEART by Susan LaineStealing Dragon's Heart by Susan Laine
Series: Lifting the Veil
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Legendary heists set master thief Finn Grayson above the rest.  Asked to steal something called the Shard from a New Shanghai high rise tower for an unknown client the thief accepts the illicit commission.


Finn’s skills get him into the residence easily enough where he sees one priceless object after another on display.  Before he can claim his prize Finn discovers he’s in the den of a powerful dragon.


The thief was under the impression that Cameron Feilong is simply a very wealthy man.  Finn’s assessment of Cameron quickly changes when he’s confronted with an ancient Guardian of the Earth Shard, a half dragon, half fairy nephew of the powerful Emperor.


A twisted destiny has brought the two together to form an unlikely alliance in order to save the world.  Their adversary is always one step ahead of them in the bid to stop Armageddon.  The fate of the world rests upon a powerful dragon guardian and a world class thief.


It’s impossible to resist the mythical being and a sneaky human in Stealing Dragon’s Heart.  The perfect balance of tension, engaging characters, and witty dialogue is offered in this riveting story.  Feel Finn and Cameron’s energy, grief, and frustration along with the sexual sparks that silently fly.  In this tale of good versus evil Stealing Dragon’s Heart absolutely captivates.  A rich, enthralling tale Stealing Dragon’s Heart will keep you reading long into the night.

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