Stealing Enchantments
by Ellen Cross

Series: Preternatural Rescue Centre #7
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Since the destruction of the Delta Rehabilitation Centre the guardians’ bunker has served as a halfway home for the centre’s displaced victims.  Among the group are a whole bunch of water sprites who are irritating little brats as far as leprechaun guardian Shamus is concerned.


One in particular is even more of a brat and Shamus is certain that Zee is stealing into the leprechaun’s personal rooms, taking his things.  Someone’s stolen his most prized possession, his soul stone and Shamus needs it back, the sooner the better.


Everyone in the bunker is watching the sparks fly between Shamus and Zee.  Both protest feelings of animosity towards each other, yet when the leprechaun goes missing it is the water sprite who leads the charge for his rescue.  Anyone in the way had better move.


Frustration turns sexual between a cheeky water sprite and a guardian leprechaun in Stealing Enchantments.  Their bickering and their individual secrets manage to make Stealing Enchantments a total blast.  Fans of the series will love the seventh installment in the Preternatural Rescue Centre while new readers would be better off starting at the first book.  Investing in these characters can’t be helped with this exciting series.  Each book is better than the last.

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