STEEL RUSH by P. T. Michelle

STEEL RUSH by P. T. Michelle
Steel Rush
by P. T. Michelle

Series: In the Shadows #5
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
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This book is the second half of Cass and Calder’s story, which begins in Gold Shimmer.  You have to read Gold Shimmer before Steel Rush in order to understand their love story.


Cass is still trying to understand what happened to Celeste, her look alike, who disappeared just after asking Cass to become her for 24 hours.  Cass is determined to become herself and not be part of a lie, yet she reluctantly agrees to continue the myth for the family when requested, which is an agreement that she immediately regrets.  Besides trying to figure out what was happening in Celeste’s life, Cass slowly starts putting together the clues and finds out she might be in just as much danger as Celeste was in.  Her only safety net is Calder, a man that Cass has no right to love because of a previous lie.


Calder turned from his wealthy and well-known family after discovering a lie.  He has been on a suicide mission for a while now with his only light being when Cass came back into his life.  Lately, Calder has been working in an underground MMA fighting group trying to find out who is behind it and why some of the fighters are turning up dead.  Being a masked fighter at night and Cass’ body guard in the day has given Calder a hope at a better future.


As Cass and Calder work together on both mysteries, putting together and following the clues, they are amazed that the clues are heading towards the same answers. While working those answers, Cass and Calder also learn that their attraction has progressed to love.  Now, it’s up to them to learn if they can find a way to live with their pasts and move forward to that possible bright future. Only dogged determination lets Cass and Calder discover the answers in both what happened to Celeste and the murders of the MMA fighters.  The truths are in the open now and all are safe, does this mean the future is bright for Cass and Calder, or will they continue to live in the shadows?


Mysteries, danger, and passion are what bring and keep Cass and Calder together in Steel Rush.  I really enjoyed watching as Cass and Calder worked together to find their answers and was amazed at just what those answers turned out to be.  Seeing how Cass and Calder also learned that their love was a thing to hold on to also brought a smile.  I loved how in the end, Cass helped Calder find peace and happiness from his past and how Calder showed Cass that she was who he loved and not who she looked like.  Steel Rush is a great conclusion to Cass and Calder’s story, or at least it appears to be their conclusion.  The mixture of suspense and passion was perfect and kept me following the clues with Cass and Calder.

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