Her Stepbrother's Demands
by Trinity Blacio

Published by Riverdale Avenue Books Genres: BDSM, Paranormal
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Jasmine is shocked to walk in just as her mother is being changed into in werewolf with her stepfather standing by. That is when she learns of the large secret that has been held from her for so many years.  Jasmine decides it’s time that she leaves home and starts her life where no one close to her will lie again. Things in Jasmine’s past have made her also keep some dark and deadly secrets from her family and leaving seems to be the best way to protect everyone.  But it seems that no one else is on-board with Jasmine leaving.


R.D. and Logan might be werewolves and Jasmine’s stepbrothers, but they are also very strong alphas and the current leaders of their pack.  They also have known for several years that Jasmine was their mate, and they have just been waiting for her to grow up and mature enough to handle all that they will ask of her.  When Jasmine disappears after her mother’s change, R.D. and Logan set out to bring her home and show her that not only does she belong to their family but how.


Jasmine hadn’t counted on R.D. and Logan dragging her back home, but once there, emotions are hard-hitting with some hard words.  The worst part for Jasmine (or it might actually be the best part) is that her darkest secret comes out into the open.  Now R.D. and Logan know that their first action has to be to protect Jasmine and end the threat to her from her “Nightmare Man” and then to show her just how much they love her and need her.  Jasmine has always been attracted her stepbrothers, but never expected either of them, much less both of them, would ever love her.  Just a few hours has forever changed Jasmine’s life, bringing her love and passion, danger, and major relief—not to mention an even larger change to deal with.  Jasmine knows that living with R.D. and Logan will never be easy, but if they all work at it, their lives will be a loving adventure—one that will never leave any of them feeling left out again.


Passions run hot when two men go after their mate and introduce her to a life she never imagined in Her Stepbrother’s Demands.  I could feel for Jasmine when she walked into that scene with her mother and could even understand her actions.  I wasn’t too sure about R.D. and Logan at first, but I quickly came to see that their actions all were about protecting and showing their love to Jasmine.  Those two are alpha to the bone, and I could see that Jasmine would get more demands than suggestions with these two, but if they were bound in love, I knew she would be more than willing to go with them.  But don’t get me wrong, Jasmine is no push-over; she even started a successful business right out of college.  Her Stepbrother’s Demands contains lots of suspense and passion with just the right amount of humor to even things out.  This book being a series of books of stepbrothers and stepsisters from Ms. Blacio is one that is full of hot passion and unusual stepbrothers.

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