STIRRING UP TROUBLE by Andrea Laurence

STIRRING UP TROUBLE by Andrea LaurenceStirring Up Trouble by Andrea Laurence
Series: Rosewood #3
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Pocket Star

Maddie Chamberlain needs to sleep.  Having to be up before the crack of dawn to start baking requires that she goes to bed early at night.  However, sleeps never comes during the week due to the intolerably loud music coming from the town’s bar across the street.  Deciding to take matters into her own hands, Maddie calls the law enforcement every night to complain about the noise violation.


As the owner of Woody’s, Emmett Sawyer does not understand why Maddie Chamberlain moved into a house across from his bar when she knows that bar business means keeping late hours and playing loud music.


Things goes from bad to worse when Maddie and Emmett’s never-ending conflict results in a court appearance and the judge sentencing them to several weeks of working together on community service projects.


I have never loved to hate someone so much; yet, that is precisely how I felt about Maddie.  While, her reasoning is valid concerning the noise violation; her snooty manner leaves a lot to be desired.  I really like how Emmett did not allow her snobbish ways to intimidate him.  As a matter of fact, his nonsense, carefree ways makes Maddie change her outlook on life by making her realize how cruel she has been.  Seeing Maddie come to this conclusion changes my opinion of her and makes her a likable character.  The romance between Maddie and Emmett is spicy hot.  As you can imagine, their love journey is not an easy road traveled.  But watching them give into their attraction is humorous and sweltering all at the same time.  By far, the most entertaining part of the storyline is the mystery of the Penis Picasso.  I laughed for days!  Stirring Up Trouble is filled with humor, love, and a battle of wills.  All in all a good read.

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