STOLEN AND FORGIVEN by Alexandra Ivy and Carrie Ann Ryan

STOLEN AND FORGIVEN by Alexandra Ivy and Carrie Ann Ryan
Stolen and Forgiven
by Alexandra Ivy, Carrie Ann Ryan

Series: Branded Packs #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Erotic, Paranormal
Source: Author

Twenty-five years ago, humans were plagued by the horrendous Verona Virus.  If it had not been for the shifters, humanity would have been lost.  Instead of openly welcoming shifters to be themselves in the everyday norm, humans turned against them and forced them to live in heavily guarded compounds – often times with a variety of shifter packs.




As the Alpha of the River Pack, Holden Carter will do whatever it takes to protect his people from the evilness of the SAU (Shifter Accommodation Unit).  So when he fines a dying woman on his compound grounds, Holden takes matters into his own hands and save the human woman’s life.  Things become even more complicated when Holden discovers the expiring woman to be his mate.


Left for dead, Ariel Sands is dumped inside the werewolf compound grounds with the hopes of her death to be blamed on the River Pack.  However, before Ariel dies, she is mysteriously saved by Holden, who just happens to be her mate.  But, by saving his mate, Holden has put his pack in grave danger.  Will this deed be the end of the River Pack?


Stolen is a profound tale that will pull on your heartstrings.  Throughout the read, there are moments that will bring laughter, tears, anger, and lust.  It takes a very strong-willed woman to mate with an Alpha like Holden.  Although not perfect, Ariel proves to be that and much more especially when it comes to her position in the pack.  I really like how she stays true to herself while embracing her new life with Holden and his entire Pack.




As the Beta of the River Wolves Pack, Soren Slater knows first-hand what it is like to make a significant sacrifice for the betterment of his pack.  In the end, it costs him the love of his life and his one true mate.  That is until years later when her pack and his pack are forced to share the same compound.


Tiger Princess Cora Wilder refuses to forgive Soren for rejecting her love many years ago.  So when her Feline Pack is coerced to live within the same compound as his, Cora tries to avoid Soren like the plaque.  Avoidance proves to be easier said than done now that Cora’s cat has pinned Soren as their mate.


Forgiven is a beautifully written story that held my complete attention from start to finish.  This tale centers on a second chance at love.  While Cora, the woman, is in denial about her true feelings for Soren; her tiger has staked claims on him and his wolf.  This time Cora’s tiger refuses to allow them to slip through their fingers a second time.  Their courtship takes a roller coaster of a ride filled with various twists and turns that will take your breath away.


Of the two stories in Stolen and Forgiven, by far my favorite is Forgiven.  The storyline is more intense and attention grabbing as various characters come into play and has a bit more suspenseful action in the mix.  Nevertheless, Stolen has moments where I was totally captivated and eager to see just how the plot would unfold.  All in all, a wonderful start to the Branded Pack series.

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