STOLEN FATE by Linsey Hall

STOLEN FATE by Linsey HallStolen Fate by Linsey Hall
Series: The Mythean Arcana #4
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Bonnie Doon Press


Fiona Blackwood is an Acquirer, or at least she was until she wasn’t able to fulfill her fate to locate and secure the Book of the Worlds.  Not finding the book and fulfilling her prophesy will lead to a fate of losing her mind, which is something that Fiona isn’t about to give into without a fight.  Giving herself one last chance to find the book, Fiona has tracked down two thieves, one of whom put a spell on the Museum where it looks like the book has been placed.


Ian MacKenzie was placed into a prison run by the Immortal University and placed into hard labor for years, all because he blew up part of a museum.  Ian might be a Mythean, but he is a forgotten half-breed who discovered his gifts on his own and became a gentleman thief.  Now Ian is just working at getting through each day until his release or is given the chance to escape.


Fiona breaks Ian out of the prison…well half-breaks him out as one of the Council members gave her the means.  They only have a short period of time to break into the museum and get the book before Fiona’s boss steps in or, even worse, they have learned that the book was part of a barter to a god, and he really wants the book for bad reasons.  When the book is stolen right in front of Fiona and Ian’s eyes, they go to the Council to gain the help they need to find the book and get it back before the god can destroy it and bring war back to Earth.  Neither Fiona nor Ian are on the good side of the Council with the jail escape and the missing book and even getting it back may not be enough to get them both on the right side again.  Yet, Ian and Fiona are going for it and hoping for the best and a chance to let the love that has sprung up between them grow.


A thief and an acquirer of ancient artifacts become a close and personal team which started by necessity and grew into a loving relationship in Stolen Fate.  I would have done the same thing as Fiona given what her fate held.  I also could understand why Ian agreed to the terms even knowing the entire time he was going to use Fiona, if given the chance.  The sparks that sprang up between them were surprising and yet not, as they had the same interest in historical artifacts, albeit for different reasons.  I really enjoyed watching as they became a team and then worked to defeat the gods and retrieved the book that held Fiona’s sanity. The last twist that truly gave Fiona and Ian their shot at love was a great one, and I love that their story will have to pop up again to save a true friend in need.  Stolen Fate is a great story of second chances, at fate, at love, and at friendships along with a good punch of suspense.

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