STONE COLD LOVER by Christine Warren

STONE COLD LOVER by Christine Warren
Stone Cold Lover
by Christine Warren

Series: Gargoyles #2
Published by St. Martin's Press Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Felicity “Fil” Shaltis is an art restorer always on the outlook for new pieces of art that need help. When her college friend, Ella, asks her to check out a stone statute of a gargoyle in a courtyard in Montreal – she agrees.  Fil has no idea that her simple mission is about to drag her into a new world and an otherworldly fight.  Fil finds the stone Gargoyle but she also finds a man trying to blow it up.  That event isn’t Fil’s biggest shock of the night – that happens when the stone statute comes alive in the figure of a warrior.


Spar is one of the Gargoyle Guardians who fight together to defeat the seven demons of Darkness when they rise from the underworld.  Spar and his brothers have been asleep for many, many years since their last battle. So when he suddenly wakes up sensing danger, he expects one of the seven demons, not a human female and one of the Order’s Nocturnis trying to destroy him.  Spar isn’t about to let anything harm Fil or himself. When the bomb blows, he defeats the bomber, flying them out to safety.  Spar believes that he has defeated the darkness, only to realize that Fil has been marked with a spell that will turn her to the dark side of demons if they can’t remove it in time.


Fil can’t believe just how crazy her life has just turned over night, all because she went to see a statute.  She now has a warrior who thinks he runs the place just because he can turn into a stone Gargoyle. That isn’t all, Spar and Fil soon discover just what the Order of Darkness is up to – that Guild Wards have been killed or are missing and that they are out to destroy the Guardians while they still sleep – just so they can’t be stopped in obtaining their ultimate goal.  Fil and Spar, with the help of others, set out to destroy the local cell before they can go any farther towards their goals.  When the sun comes up after a fierce night of fighting – who will be standing?


An immortal Guardian and a very human art restorer find love while working to defeat a cult out to destroy the world and those who protect it.  Stone Cold Lover not only brings Fil and Spar together but also starts to bring the Guardians back into fighting form to defeat the seven demons of darkness once again.  I was with Fil when she just wanted to get out of that courtyard and forget about the warrior who suddenly appeared.  But I loved watching the sparks fly between Fil and Spar much more as they worked to not only understand what is developing between them, but to end the plot the Order was using to bring total darkness to the world.  I also enjoyed seeing Ella and Kees from Heart Of Stone, helping along the way.  I know who the next person will be to awaken a Guardian. I can’t wait to see just who he is and I know that they will have the help of Ella, Kees, Fil and Spar when needed.  Fil and Spar are now on the job to help defeat the Order and the new threat from the seven demons, all while forging ahead on their journey of passion and love.  Stone Cold Lover takes suspense and a threat of darkness and trumps it with a love that brings an immortal willingly into the mortal world for his human lover.

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