STORM WARNING by Monette Michaels

STORM WARNING by Monette Michaels
Storm Warning
by Monette Michaels

Series: SSI #4
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Author

DJ Poe is out of the military now, but she is a fully-trained helicopter pilot and now she is the first female operative for SSI.  DJ is very thankful that her name was brought to the attention of the co-owners of SSI by the Walsh’s.  And she is even more happy that she was able to save her mother from years of abuse, and she is bringing her along to this new part of DJ’s life.  DJ had planned on an easy drive to SSI headquarters in Idaho, but when she stopped to get gas, DJ learns that several of the SSI women are inside, and there are tangos out to kill and kidnap her boss’ wife and child.  Not on DJ’s watch!


Stuart “Tweeter” Walsh is a computer nerd, but he is also a full- trained warrior just like all of his brothers.  The only difference is that Tweeter never entered the military, but instead went to MIT to keep his genius baby sister protected as she shot ahead in her schooling.  Now,Tweeter is the head of technology for SSI and in charge of keeping all of the SSI operatives and everyone else safe at all times.  When the call comes in about the threat to Tweeter’s sister and nephew, he is flying the first helicopter to arrive to assist.  As soon as Tweeter gets his first sight of DJ, he is struck silly by the instant attraction between them.


Tweeter knows just enough of DJ’s past to know that he will need to be a bit sneaky to gain not only her full trust, but also her love.  When DJ and Tweeter are teamed up together immediately for an op, it seems like the perfect time for Tweeter to show DJ that he is more than just one of the Walsh brothers and a geek.  DJ is leery of her attraction to Tweeter, but it doesn’t take long before DJ knows that he is probably the only man that she could ever see herself with.  When the op turns deadly, DJ and Tweeter show that they are the perfect team, both professionally and personally.  Just when they thought they could take time off to be just alone, yet another emergency—a very personal one—confronts them.  The Walsh’s adopted DJ when she risked it all for one of theirs and now they are more than willing to help her rescue the one family person that she loves.  Once again, SSI proves that you just don’t mess with anyone under their umbrella without serious, and sometimes, deadly consequences.


It was love at first sight for two highly-trained operatives.  Now they just need to be able to live long enough to be able to grab that golden future before them.  DJ and Tweeter will need all of their training, strength, and quick thinking to get that future in Storm Warning.  I just knew that whoever Tweeter loved would have to be just as strong-minded and soft-hearted as he was, and DJ is exactly that woman.  I really enjoyed watching as DJ showed just what she was made of in order to keep those she loved safe and at the same time proved that she was an excellent SSI operative.  I have loved Tweeter since I first met him, and I was thrilled to see him not only find DJ, but see how he quickly thought of a plan to show DJ that he was worth the risk of giving her heart and love to.  Of course, there was the great fast action fighting that I have come to expect from an SSI book.  DJ and Tweeter proved that you can be a kick ass couple (literally) and also be a couple deeply in love at the same time.  Storm Warning is packed full of fast action, suspense, and passion all wrapped up in a multi-angled plot that will keep you on your toes.

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