STRENGTH OF THE ALPHA by Shannon West & Victoria Sue

STRENGTH OF THE ALPHA by Shannon West & Victoria SueStrength of the Alpha by Shannon West, Victoria Sue
Series: Supremacy of the Wolves #3
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dark Hollow Press


Humans are no longer the dominate species.  A virus called the Pestilence had wiped out 75% of the population.  Wolf shifters who were once less than second class took control.  What was once North America is split into Nine Territories with a Supreme Alpha and Alpha leaders for each individual territory.


Quinn, Supreme Alpha, is tired of the destruction caused by human rebel factions who refuse to accept their new reality.  Quinn puts together a Territorial Special Ops program comprised of wolf shifters and dominant humans in equal numbers.  Wolf shifter Rhys Malone and his human counterpart Tucker Adams head the team.


Out of the latest crop of trainees is Brandon Shaw, the younger brother of the Territory Three Alpha leader and a house-human called Cody.  Something goes terribly wrong with this group leaving one traumatized and another badly injured.  With the Special Ops program scrapped the Supreme Alpha quietly matches Rhys, Tucker, Brandon and Cody for an undercover assignment.  The danger is real, the threat deadly.  But with the heat level rising between Rhys and Brandon, Tucker and Cody – the op may just go up in smoke.


A potent brew of eroticism set within an original alternate reality, Strength of the Alpha exudes sensuality and suspense.  Well drawn characters keep the reader completely invested in their journey, their emotional growth.  Strength of the Alpha is impossible to resist.  Between smoking hot love scenes and the non-stop action packed storyline Strength of the Alpha thoroughly entertains the reader.

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