SUDDENLY ONE SUMMER by Julie JamesSuddenly One Summer by Julie James
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Jove


Thrown off on marriage and love by her profession, divorce lawyer Victoria Slade is a tad bit jaded.  Well, and untrusting and leery, and just not all that into finding the ‘right’ someone because in her line of business she has seen it all and feels that happily ever after is just a fairy tale.  She doesn’t mind dating because there are no ties or strings and she avoids men like her neighbor like the plague.


Ford Dixon needs to find the scum that hurt his little sister and left her pregnant.  Enlisting the aid of his uptight neighbor, Ford is relieved to find out that she and he have one thing in common – their feelings about marriage.  There’s just one problem – they also have mutual attraction in common and that could just be the deal breaker these two cynical people need to admit that they just might be wrong…


When I pick up a Julie James novel I have a checklist that I use.  Comedic elements? Check. Romantic elements? Check.  Steamy interactions? Check. Hunky hero? Check.  Strong heroine? Check.  Love strong enough to last? Check.


Once again, Julie James has penned a one of a kind novel with lasting characters, believable scenarios, and enough reading fun to while away an afternoon reading. Add in the drama concerning Ford’s sister and Suddenly One Summer is the perfect read.

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