SUIT YOURSELF by Susan Mac Nicol

SUIT YOURSELF by Susan Mac Nicol
Suit Yourself
by Susan Mac Nicol

Series: Men of London Romance #3
Published by Boroughs Publishing Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Leslie Scott isn’t sure how it’s happened.  Not that he begrudges Eddie or Taylor, of course.  Somehow his flat mates have found love in the truest sense and he’s on his own.  Well, not completely.  Working at the fashion house Debussy is a dream come true.  There’s no end of parties and events and shows for Leslie to attend, but when all is said and done there’s nobody special at home.  Bugger it.


At one time Oliver Brown was on top of the world.  As Nicky Starr he was an extremely popular porn star and sometimes model.  Unfortunately he’d let the hype get to his head and believed himself invincible.  Drugs will do that to an idiot.  Everything changed the night stupidity caught up with Oliver.  The motorcycle accident nearly killed him.  When the hospital released Oliver he had to deal with extensive scarring, particularly on his face.  Cruel comments by a vengeful ex-lover sent Oliver into seclusion.


Doing a favor for his boss one evening Leslie comes face to face with his porn idol.  Empathy for Oliver’s pain is immediate and friendship is offered.  Taking baby steps into the world with Leslie’s help Oliver begins to regain his life as the two begin to fall in love.

Slow down, tender hearts at risk…


The consistently entertaining Men of London romance series opens with another sure fire winner in Suit Yourself.  Spirited passion, complex characterizations, and a balanced plotline draws the reader into Leslie and Oliver’s enchanting romance.  Feisty Leslie is an absolute delight.  Oliver is so very damaged.  Suit Yourself is an addictive pleasure.

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