UNDER THE SURFACE by Anne CalhounUnder the Surface by Anne Calhoun
Series: Alpha Ops #4
Genres: Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by St. Martin's Press


When I stared Under The Surface by Anne Calhoun I originally thought this was the first book in a new series but it turns out this is the fourth book in the Alpha Ops series. Since I haven’t read the previous books I feared that I would be lost but I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t feel that way and was glad this could be read as a standalone.


Eve Webber was a former cocktail waitress turned business owner of Eye Candy which caters mostly to the female population due to the hot male employees. Eve has been looking for a new bartender since she had to let the last one go since he didn’t follow the rule not to mess with the customers. When “Chad” walks into Eye Candy looking for work Eve is attracted to him and figures it’s only a matter of time before she gets him in bed, but she has other important things going on in her life, like an old friend who wants to launder money through her business.


Detective Matt Dorchester is used to undercover assignments and is damn good at his job. He has all the skills that will pass for being a good bartender, but what he doesn’t expect is the attraction he feels for Eve. He knows she is working with them but the police department doesn’t fully trust her so keeping an eye on her is what he plans to do. The more time Matt, aka Chad, spends with her the harder it is to keep his cover, but all bets are off when someone starts threatening her life. Now trying to keep Eve safe and out of harm’s way is his new mission but if she lands in between his sheets the lines might blur.


I really liked Eve from the beginning. She’s smart, funny and quick on her feet. With her background I wasn’t sure what kind of heroine she would turn out to be but I loved her and it only made her more likable. Matt was a little on the quiet side and more serious but he had to be because of his line of work. I love how dedicated he was not only to his family but his job. He showed strength in so many ways and he was the complete opposite of Eve’s character.


Since this was a romantic suspense the love scenes were a little dialed down, but that didn’t matter because the story really entranced and had me not wanting to put it down. Ms. Calhoun focused more on the romance that was building instead of the suspense which I was okay with. The romance starts off on the slow side with a few heated kisses and cute banter but once these two got started the chemistry started to flow and the passion started to rise.


The secondary characters also stood out in their own way, but I wasn’t really focused on them while reading Under The Surface. I’m pretty sure The Alpha Ops series main focus will be the men and women of the police department protecting the hero/ heroine from whatever is in store for them. Already I’m looking forward to see where the Alpha Ops series will go and who will be next to find their happily ever after.

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