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SURPRISED AT NOTHING by Kristi LeeSurprised at Nothing by Kristi Lee
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher

A Magnus by birth, an archeologist by profession, Reggie Orrick is working on an Eastern European dig when a colleague asks him to take a side trip to Ireland.  His friend is certain that an unremarkable rock is in truth an Irish Snakesbane, otherwise known as a dragon’s egg.  With Reggie’s sizable talents there’s a good chance the egg can be hatched with the right spells and in the right place.


Arriving in Ireland Reggie runs into a cheery scamp called Ian ‘Kelp’ McGinty who offers his services to the Magnus.  Kelp happens to be an Unfortunate, someone born of Magnus and fae ancestry without any magical ability.  Thrown together Reggie and Kelp have one adventure after another on the road to hatching a dragon.  Well, unless it’s simply a rock.


Take a step outside of ‘Ordinary’ life and become Surprised at Nothing when two special men begin a wild adventure.  Mystery swirls around this gentle romance as Reggie and Kelp get to know each other.  The Magnus and the Unfortunate provide an entertaining little story. Their own little road tale.  An abrupt ending is the only downside to an otherwise rollicking good story.  Charming characters in Surprised at Nothing makes this one more than ordinary.

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