SWEET FIRE by Sarah and Shannen Brady

SWEET FIRE by Sarah and Shannen Brady
Sweet Fire
by Sarah Brady, Shannen Brady

Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Giving his cousin peace of mind is something Aaron Flores is happy to do.  With Homeland Security taking the Gifted she had to run before she had a chance to say goodbye to her EMT partner at Valley Hospital, so she asks if he could look in on Ramon Del Rio for her.  Aaron never expects the guy to be so damn sexy.


His cousin had to take off, but so far nobody has figured out that Aaron also has a Gift as a Fire Starter.  Owner and head pastry chef at Sweet Nothings Aaron does his best to hide his own Gift and doesn’t use it at work.


Talking to Ramon is easy and they get along really well until Aaron admits that he too has a Gift.  The EMT medic immediately backs off.  Ramon spent three long, terrifying days at the mercy of goons from Homeland Security and he’d rather not repeat the experience no matter how cute the baker is.


But after another family member tells Aaron that Ramon is important the baker does everything he can to convince the EMT he’s harmless and safe.  Slowly but surely Ramon succumbs to Aaron’s sweet courtship.  Once their relationship begins to build the only hiccups in the baker’s life are annoying little problems that keep cropping up at Sweet Nothings.  As the lovers start to make a commitment Aaron’s troubles escalate.  When things get dangerous all bets are off because accepting a Gifted lover is much easier than losing one to a stalker with murder on his mind.


A tempestuous romance erupts in Sweet Fire where love flames bright.  Engaging main characters deal with undeniable chemistry as well as the prejudice of having a Gift.  Their rocky love story is fraught with miscommunication, though explosive sexual encounters make up for it.  Aaron’s mysterious stalker is revealed in a mighty climax and then all hell breaks loose.  Enjoy Sweet Fire, a hot romance and an exciting suspense.

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