SWEET AND SOUR SOAP by Susan LaineSweet and Sour Soap by Susan Laine
Genres: Contemporary, MM
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Actors Andrew ‘Mac’ McGuire and Dylan Keane began their careers on the night time soap show “The Lighthouse”.  Their friendship developed alongside their roles as teenagers and grew as their characters evolved on the popular soap.


In a meeting with the producer and the head writer Mac and Dylan are told of a major change in the show’s plot.  Their characters are going to develop a gay relationship as a way to pump up the ratings.  Speechless at first their initial rehearsal is awkward to say the least.


One evening when Mac agrees to practice an intense scene away from the set Dylan admits to being bisexual.  He also says that he’s had a thing for Mac though he never expected it to go anywhere.  The lines are beginning to blur between reality and the make believe world of television for two best friends.


Relationship issues are lightly explored in the drama Sweet and Sour Soap.  Mac and Dylan are pleasant characters whose lives and love take on a bizarre parallel with their soap characters.  Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which romance is realistically working since their motivation is sometimes questionable.  In the end Sweet and Sour Soap manages to succeed.  Mac and Dylan make the right choices for their future together.

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