SWEETER THAN SIN by Shiloh Walker

SWEETER THAN SIN by Shiloh WalkerSweeter than Sin by Shiloh Walker
Series: Secrets & Shadows #2
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by St. Martin's Press

Reviewed by Jo

Adam Brascum runs the family tavern which in itself temps Adam, who is a recovering alcoholic from his teens.  If Adam was totally truthful to himself on why he turned to alcohol and then to women, it was to make himself forget his involvement that night long ago when people died and others disappeared, and a small, sleepy town began to lose its innocence.  Now the town seems to be giving up the secrets from that night, but Adam still doesn’t know exactly what happened to the young girl he secretly loved and who disappeared that night and who is presumed dead.


Lana Rossi has lived on the run, constantly looking over her shoulder since the night her life turned to hell.  Lana always tried to help anyone in need when she could and trying to help a fellow student escape a horrible situation changed her young life forever.  Lana does not remember exactly what happened that night or how she ended up far away from home. But she has been watching events in Madison ever since—once she got herself clean. Recent events make it so that Lana must return and find out the truth of that night, and she knows exactly who to begin asking her questions to.


Adam catches a glimpse of a young woman who just appeared in town and something makes him follow her.  Shock doesn’t describe Adam’s feelings when he realizes its Lana. Anger quickly follows, and then those hidden feelings begin to come back.  Things are tense as Adam and Lana, in their own ways, try to find out the truth and keep her appearance a secret.  Madison, Indiana kept many harmful secrets for years, and several more are going to out into the open as Lana and Adam reveal the secrets of what really happened the night that Lana and others disappeared.  The real question is who will survive the revealing of those new secrets and if the passion that burns between Lana and Adam will be given a second chance to fulfill a future together?


On a night that twisted many lives, two of those left twisted are determined to find the answers of that night and also find passion along the way in Sweeter than Sin.  Life certainly wasn’t nice to either Adam or Lana, however, I was very happy to see them both find the truth and each other.  My heart ached for both Adam and Lana as their stories unraveled, showing all they had been put through.  When I learned the identity of the man behind part of the misery, I was shocked and mad when comparing his life against Adam’s and Lana’s.  As that fateful night became even clearer, I found yet another shock I had not guessed and won’t tell you about here and ruin the surprise.  The truth is coming out about the nasty underbelly that threaded through Madison, and I can tell more surprises and shocks are to come.  However, I already know that Adam and Lana will be just fine, and that their strength that will help each other through whatever may be revealed next.  Sweeter than Sin is a must read for suspense lovers—full of twists, turns and best of all a deep love was found between two of the people whose lives were trashed so young.  I can’t wait for the events that will be revealed in Madison, Indiana.

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