TAGGING MACKENZIE by L. M. SomertonTagging Mackenzie by L. M. Somerton
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

Popular underground BDSM club Chain of Thorns is a safe place for submissive Mackenzie ‘Kenzie’ Soames to explore his sexuality.  It is also a great place for Kenzie to moon over Dominant Steele Denton who so far hasn’t given Kenzie the time of day.


After another night of being rejected by Steele the sub takes matters into his own hands and decides to follow through on a risky plan.  No one in town is aware that Kenzie is also the notorious graffiti artist Cuffs.  Stealthily he paints an extremely suggestive erotic design on the outside wall of Design Rebellion, the motorcycle design shop solely owned by Steele Denton.


As Kenzie finishes his own brand of artwork he’s unaware that Steele has caught him on his security monitor.  The sub’s first mistake is causing trouble. The second is getting caught red handed.  At last Kenzie is in Steele’s hands.


Tagging Mackenzie cleverly jumpstarts a provocative relationship between a stubborn Dom and a needy submissive.  Kenzie and his dream Dom discover how right they truly are in this personal, passionate exploration.  Beyond hot, their BDSM desires are explored in Tagging Mackenzie.  The one negative in their erotic journey is that it’s over way too soon.

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