TAKE ME, BREAK ME by H. C. Brown

TAKE ME, BREAK ME by H. C. BrownTake Me, Break Me by H. C. Brown
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, Gay
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Reviewed by Lisa

Bass player for white hot rock band Dazed, Reno Rocket is riding a career high though he’s the first to admit his personal life is the complete opposite.  In all truth the twenty one year old is controlled by an overbearing father who has gone so far as to handpick a girl for him to marry. 

Reno is ambivalent about his fiancée.  Hell, he’s never done more than kiss her goodnight after a date when he’s back home.  The only time his libido feels alive is when lead singer Tanner Star is rubbing against him on stage.  It’s a good thing he’s playing his bass so that he can hide a massive erection.  No question, Tanner can light him up and set Reno on fire.

Finally making his own intentions known, Tanner introduces Reno to the world of BDSM and explains the balance of a Dom/sub lifestyle.  Reno agrees to explore his sexuality with Tanner, but unfortunately their relationship is leaked to the public and everything implodes for the young sub.  Reno’s only safety net is Tanner.  Hopefully he will be willing to catch Reno before he falls.

Take Me, Break Me entertains with true erotic delight.  The world of BDSM unfolds in great detail as Tanner leads Reno into sexually charged ecstasy.  They are shadowed by a father’s brutality and a mother’s lies, both of which are quickly and tidily resolved.  Watching their relationship’s roller coaster drama is the key to enjoying Take Me, Break Me.  And it’s a hot, wild ride.

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