TAKEN BY STORM by Brynn Paulin

TAKEN BY STORM by Brynn Paulin
Taken by Storm
by Brynn Paulin

Series: Rising Storm #1
Published by Respendence Publishing Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher


Maddox Sinclair is a college student who is living and working in his grandfather’s barista café. He is also trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life since he was dumped a while ago by this childhood friend and boyfriend for Hollywood.  Maddox could forgive his friend for leaving, but not for the things that were said. Now, he just works at the café, makes coffee, and works on his studies.


Rush Storm is the lead in his band Rising Storm and while taking a walk in a new city, becomes lost just as a really bad storm hits. Rush sees a darkened coffee shop and goes into it for shelter. What he finds there is a barista who stirs up all of his hidden lust. Rush has always been more interested in boys rather than girls, but to give his band a chance, he agreed to certain terms and the biggest is no publicly acknowledging his passions.


Maddox falls under the spell of Rush’s eyes and in the storm darkened night, passion rules the night.  That sensual night will change both Maddox and Rush once the daylight hits.  Rush doesn’t want to give up Maddox and takes steps to show him just how far Rush is willing to go to have Maddox in his life.  Maddox is finally believing that he can be part of Rush’s rock star life when a huge misunderstanding that hits right at all the buttons that both Maddox and Rush have. Is their love doomed before it barely starts, or can they find a way to be together even with the constant spotlight on them?


A sexy rock star and a hunky college student discover the highs and lows of love in Taken by Storm.  I could understand Maddox’s hurt in the past and his wanting to be cautious in believing Rush loved him. I also loved seeing just how far Rush went to prove his love to Maddox. I personally would be looking for a new manager/agent after the dust-up that was caused by faulty fact finding and how it was announced, but I have a feeling that Rush and Maddox will take care of that. I really loved how their story ended the book.  Taken by Storm is a great story of finding and keeping love even when the odds are totally against you.

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