Taken by Midnight
by Lara Adrian

Series: Midnight Breeds #8
Published by Dell Genres: Paranormal, Suspense
Source: Publisher


Jenna Darrow wakes up in a medical room at the Breed compound, however the only thing normal to her is the face of her best friend, Alex.  Jenna has faced many things that have made it necessary for her to be strong; the loss of her husband and child, the loss of her career as an Alaskan State Trooper and the memory of the creature who broke into her house and assaulted her.  Now she has to face something that just might break her.  Her entire body is changing because of something that ancient being did to her that hellish night. 

Brock is one of the vampire warriors who are known as the Breed.  Each warrior has one special gift and Brock’s is to take away pain.  He has been with Jenna since the night they located the ancient in her house and destroyed him.  No one is quite sure what happened to Jenna, but Brock knows the pain she has gone through intimately as he has been taking it from her. Now she is awake and they have discovered that something strange is happening to her DNA. The time Brock has spent with Jenna gave him a closer relationship then he has allowed with any woman in many years.

Jenna sees major changes in her physical body as the hours go by and while scared, she comes to see that trusting the warriors is her only chance to discover exactly what was done to her.  Brock and Jenna both feel the intensity of the passion that seems to hover around them and it only takes one spark to become much more than feelings.  The danger that always surrounds the Breeds, and their Breedmates, soon includes Jenna, a fact that scares Brock to some point.  Knowing she has to help Brock and the others, Jenna puts her own investigation talents to work.  This leads to completing a mission the Breedmates have been working towards for months but at the same time, it might just rip Brock away from Jenna for the rest of eternity.

When your past suddenly becomes an option for the future, which loses the love—past or current?  Brock and Jenna both find this answer in Taken By Midnight.  I was so happy to see that Jenna seemed to come out of that horrible night okay until I continued to read and saw the truth.  I always thought that Brock was one of the quiet warriors but he had me hands down as I watched him not only lend his strength to Jenna when she needed it, but also helped her be able to find the ability to believe in her own strength.  There were several times that I was cheering for both Jenna and Brock and other times when I wanted to shake them. For me that just meant it was an excellent book.  I loved that Jenna was the most unusual heroine in this series. While she is not a true Breedmate, I found her to be something much more and the relationship between her and Brock to be stronger for it. 

Taken By Midnight captivates and holds you hostage through its strong emotions and stronger passions.  I couldn’t put it down and I bet you won’t be able to either.  To say its Joyfully Recommended isn’t quite enough, but it’s the highest recommendation I can give Jenna and Brock’s story.

**Recommended Read 2010**

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