IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO by M. A. ChurchIt Takes Two to Tango by M. A. Church
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Genres: MM, Paranormal
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Published by Dreamspinner Press

The West Falls Clowder, a werecat clan, is about to begin a major transition.  Heir apparent Alpha Dolf Hoyer will soon be taking over the reins of the clowder from his Alpha father.  Dolf has a unique situation at home as he has two mates and one is human.  Another of the inner circle also recently mated a human.  Adding the unknown like humans to the clowder is causing some issues, especially for the elders.


Their latest ripple happened at a Thanksgiving celebration where Beta Remi Ginn found his mate – a Vetala, which is a non-shifting paranormal who drinks blood to survive.  Marshell Foles is a very large African American which isn’t a problem, though it would be easier if he was a werecat instead of a Vetala.  What will be an issue is that Marshell is more powerful than the Alpha and his son combined.  Dolf can handle the Vetala’s paranormal strength, others not so much.  And now the elders are hearing that some of the women want to hold management jobs.


It is time for Remi to make his decision- whether to stand beside his mate or his clowder.  At the same time, Hunters have come to town with murderous intent.  And it seems a werewolf stalker is making a play for Marshell and causing trouble for anyone who comes near what he perceives as his.  Remi’s decision is easy in the end.  Putting it into effect may be more dangerous than anyone imagined.


It Takes Two to Tango shakes up an entire clowder of werecats with challenging and powerful results.  Changing leadership, human mates, and a Vetala mate brings chaos and spirited reactions to a whole lot of paranormals in this wild toss up.  Book three in the Fur, Fangs and Felines series begins almost exactly where the previous book left off so it’s a bit of catch up with the characters before everything slides into place and the pace takes off in this riveting storyline.  Engaging characters, sizzling hot encounters, and a breathless plot keep readers completely within It Takes Two to Tango.  The ending will leave you clamoring for more.

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