Talent for Trouble
by Bianca D'Arc

Series: Starlords #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
Source: Author

Darak is a newly appointed StarLord, and he is a member of one of the more influential families on Geneth Mar.  One of the reasons for this is the elevated status of his cousin and his cousin-in-law.  All three of them received that status while rescuing Jana from the Collective. Darak was instantly drawn to Jana, and he is determined to help her heal any way he can.


Jana is a talent who was kidnapped as a young girl and became part of the Collective.  Jana slowly worked her way up and became a battalion commander—one who, while under the command of the Collective, worked to defeat everything Darak and his world stands for.  Now, she is slowly recovering from her time under the Collective and learning/remembering what it is like to be able to do what you want when you want. Jana has very few memories from her time as a captive, and yet what she does remember mostly causes her pain and fear.


Jana isn’t surprised when she is pretty much thrown off of Geneth Mar, but she is surprised and hurt to learn that it was suggested by Darak that she be placed on his ship.  Darak and his ship were sent on one mission yet, the next thing they know, the ship is directed to a world that Jana almost destroyed while under the control of the Collective, and then it moves on to her home world.  Their mission is to capture a high-ranking member of the Collective and take him back to stand trial.  When the name of this individual sparks some memories in Jana, the mission turns even more personal.  The question is, as the danger ramps-up, can Darak and Jana find a way to take one of the Collective on a planet they rule over and get them and their ship away successfully?


The heart always knows, so when a mentally and physically hurt talent meets a man who just wants to help her, love is the outcome in Talent for Trouble.  I was amazed as I learned just what all Jana had survived, and I was very happy that she would have a chance to live her life as it should have been.  It took me a while to believe Darak was actually wanting Jana for herself and not for what she could mean for him.  Yet, once I saw them on the ship, I knew that Jana’s happiness was his total goal.  I loved watching as Jana learned more of herself and saw that she wasn’t just the cold-hearted commander that she believed at first, and that she was actually loved by people she helped.  Seeing Darak and Jana not only become a kicking team, but also watching as they fell in love during their mission made their journey even stronger.  I can’t wait to see how Jana and Darak grow as the series goes on in glimpses I hope will happen.  Talent for Trouble is a tale of how a special couple not only fell in love, but how they gained ,a bright future for their planets by overcoming true evil.

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