TAMED by Stacey Kennedy

TAMED by Stacey KennedyTamed by Stacey Kennedy
Series: Club Sin #5
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Random House


Kenzie Hart is the dungeon brat and proud of it, because if she can keep that title, then no one has been able to discover all of the hard and painful things that she keeps hidden. The pain that she craves as a Submissive and the blocks she has placed on any of the Doms getting too close gives Kenzie the things she needs to survive. So when Kenzie is approached by the Dungeon owner and one of the Master Doms and asked to help another Dom prove if he is ready to be placed as a Master, of course she says yes. After all, what better way to for anyone to prove they are ready for the Master title than to try and tame the brat?


Porter Marshall is a private eye during the day and a Dom by the night, at least during the weekends when his Dungeon, Club Sin, is open for business. Porter knows all of the Masters in his current club, as they all were Doms together in another club before the first few broke away to join this one. When Porter is approached with the opportunity to become a Master in this Dungeon, he agrees to a challenge to prove himself to the members—a month where he will only play with one sub, the Dungeon brat, Kenzie.  Porter has wanted to approach Kenzie.


Right from the beginning Kenzie realizes that Porter sees much more than any of the other Doms have, and she works even harder to keep her secrets hidden. Porter can see exactly what Kenzie is doing and works even harder to show her that she can get even more happiness from pleasure than pain. When Porter learns of the danger Kenzie faces in her bookstore, he moves everything in his ability to keep her safe and take away the danger. What Kenzie believed was going to be a fun and easy month of playing with Porter has turned into a month of discovery and a budding love between them. Now that the month is almost over, both Kenzie and Porter need to figure out if they have what it takes to keep their relationship exclusive and give their love a chance to flesh out. Kenzie knows that the first step is all hers, no matter what Porter might believe.  After all, who better to gain her total submission than the Dom who tamed the brat and showed her that love and submission was the biggest pleasure of all.


A bookseller with deep secrets surrenders to a private eye who brings out the best in her in Tamed.  I have wondered about Kenzie since I first read about her and what was behind her actions at the Dungeon because she appeared to be much different when she wasn’t at the club. I already knew that Porter had lost at love at least once before ad that had hurt him. I was a bit surprised when he was willing to open himself up for Kenzie without knowing if she could ever give it back to him. I can see now that there could be no one else for Kenzie except Porter after seeing both of their pasts and strengths. I loved how Porter showed Kenzie exactly what she really craved and how he gave her a second beginning at the Dungeon, as his loving submissive and not the club brat. Tamed is very intense with emotions that will pull you one way and then the other before opening up to show you that it only took love, openness, and belief in yourself and the one you love to have everything. This is a wonderful next step in the personal lives of the Doms and Submissives of Club Sin that will have you coming back.

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