TAMING RAVEN by Kitty Ducane

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
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TAMING RAVEN by Kitty DucaneTaming Raven by Kitty Ducane
Series: The Soulless Seven #1
Published by Totally Bound
Reviewed by Jo

Raven Payne is a DEA Special Agent and a member of The Soulless Seven – an elite group who go after those that no one else can.  Raven’s task is to infiltrate her targets and she is very good at it.  If she ever gets into a tight situation, the guns and knives she keeps on her person can usually help her get away.  But when she finally met her match on an investigation and was almost killed by a known deadly assassin, she goes into hiding and is not happy about it at all.

Deacon Bishop is a werewolf who left behind the government assignments and now runs his ranch in the middle of nowhere.  But when a friend and fellow werewolf requests his help in keeping Raven safe until she can testify, Deacon is left with no way out and agrees.  This is not going to be an easy thing because ever since Raven’s narrow escape, she has been acting recklessly – so Deacon has to keep her safe from those out to kill her and Raven herself.  This is not going to be a walk in the park.

Raven is mad that she is so attracted to her warden and at the same time can’t wait to leave him and his ranch in the dust.  Deacon has warned his men about the circumstances around Raven’s stay but even he wasn’t prepared for her actions.  Deacon also isn’t happy about the attraction he and his wolf feel for Raven. Deacon has sworn to never accept a mate and he is going to fight his wolf and Raven every step of the way.  Danger has followed Raven to this sleepy little town and now that she has come to know several of the town’s citizens, Raven is determined to keep everyone, including Deacon, safe – even if it means putting herself at risk.  The sex between Raven and Deacon is hot and erotic, but is it hot enough to keep them together when all the danger is over and they might be able to explore all that is between them?

One hot and reckless DEA agent meets one sexy ex-military rancher and let the fireworks begin.  Taming Raven brings both Raven and Deacon to the realization that you cannot fight against your own fate.  The antics that Raven pulls on Deacon and Deacon’s determination not to let his wolf win the mate battle had me smiling several times.  Talk about a rocky start that became even rockier when the sex started happening.  I wasn’t surprised then it became obvious that Deacon and Raven were a couple – after all it seemed that everyone but them realized it.  I knew that something odd was going on from the moment of Raven’s narrow escape but I would have never guessed the mighty twist that it caused.  Just when I thought that any future for Raven and Deacon was in the past, all those who loved them turned the tables on them.  By the end of the book, I loved seeing all those strong and tough werewolves turning into loving puddles of goo due to a very special type of love.  Taming Raven takes danger filled suspense, sexy and fierce characters overcome with passion and wraps it up with good humor and ribbing.  

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