TASTE ME DEADLY by Nikki Duncan

TASTE ME DEADLY by Nikki Duncan
Taste Me Deadly
by Nikki Duncan

Series: Sensory Ops #5
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Suspense
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Greycen Craig has been in the Federal Witness Protection program for the last five years and was pretty much a model witness until she heard about attack that injured her sister and placed her in the hospital.  Greycen might have been able to walk away from her sister in order to save her, but there is no way that she won’t go to her sister’s side now—even if it means putting herself in deadly danger by leaving the program.


Liam Burgess is an FBI agent who is known for being the sensible one and all that, but there was one memorable time when Liam not only went crazy, but has spent the last five year trying to find the woman who brought out the unexpected in him: the woman he met and married, and who disappeared all within 24 hours.  When a lead tells him that a recent hit-and-run victim could be just connected to his mystery woman, Liam makes it is mission to go there and wait to see who shows up.


Greycen never forgot those wonderful hours in Liam’s arms and why she had to leave him without word and disappear, but she was totally amazed to find him in her sister’s room. The same shock seems to find Liam, but for a different reason. He thought he could handle what Greycen did to him just by being in the room—a very wrong assumption, he quickly finds out.  Greycen ends up telling Laim everything. Liam offers the help of his team to not only keep her safe, but to end the nightmare once and for all. At first, Greycen declines and lets herself be persuaded to accept the offer instead of trying to protect both her sister and herself alone.  However, when Greycen sees just how full Liam’s life is, she takes an action that will place her in even more danger, unless Liam can get to her first.  The next few hours will decide just what Greycen and Liam’s future will be, and if they will be able to stay together and safe, forever on the run, or forever apart and alone.


Two souls found and recognized each other instantly only to be torn apart by murder. When given a second chance, can that hope of love finally get the chance to happen, or will it be denied forever?  Liam and Greycen will discover this answer and many more in Taste Me Deadly.  Liam and Greycen could not have been more different, and yet it was clear that they were soul mates, and they just needed the chance to fulfill that destiny.  It didn’t surprise me at all that Liam stepped right in to take control of the situation and protect Greycen and her sister.  Greycen might have been a free spirit, but when she loved someone, she would do anything to protect them, even if it meant running from them.  I really enjoyed watching as Liam slowly helped Greycen overcome her fears, and he showed her that they belonged together.  When the final answers came clear, and the entire events of the night that changed Greycen’s life became clear, I discovered that I had figured out part of the answer, but not all of it. I have a feeling that Liam and Greycen’s life will be full of unexpected and wonderful things.  Taste Me Deadly is a great suspense story that proves once again that depending upon those you love is always the best way, even if it’s a recent loved one.

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