TEMPER SANGUINE by Lou HarperTemper Sanguine by Lou Harper
Series: Sanguine #2
Published by Samhain Publishing on 2014-06-03
Genres: Erotica, Gay
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

One bite won’t kill you. Unless it does. Sanguine, Book 2Gabe Vadas’s slayer ancestors would be spinning in their graves if they knew that not only is his boss a vampire, so is his lover. But that lover, Harvey Feng, is cooking something up in his lab that he seems reluctant to disclose. The secrets they keep from each other and the nightmares they share are driving a wedge between them. Harvey fell off the vegetarian wagon with one taste of his lover’s blood. Except recently it’s been having some unusual—and disturbing—side effects. And he fears their connection has awakened something dark and dangerous. Sent to New York City to help the new top vamp clean up the mess the old one left behind, Gabe finds more than a few stray feral vampires. A doctor with a dubious history is hell-bent on creating a new race of unkillable bloodsuckers. The investigation takes Gabe and Harvey across an ocean, and deep into the past. Where they discover demons that have the power to reach across the centuries to destroy them both. Warning: Contains a tasty Hungarian goulash of dirty boys doing dirty things, bilingual dirty talk, evil scientists, shifty-eyed lab assistants, fun with lab rats, and smexy times in romantic Old Europe. Jó étvágyat!

Gabe Vadas comes from a long line of vampire hunters gifted with certain talents that give him an advantage when fighting the undead.  These days however, he’s pretty much joined with the enemy, what with working for the vampire leader in charge of Chicago and sleeping with his vampire lover, Harvey Feng.  Gabe can’t get the words out, but he can’t imagine life without Harvey by his side.


The lovers are sent to NYC at their boss’ order and find more than they bargained for with a nest of nasty feral vamps.  It seems that an undead doctor is experimenting on dying humans, as well as searching for an ancient supposedly killed long ago.


They next travel to Budapest following in the doctor’s wake where they end up hip deep in ferals and more mysteries.  As they battle the enemy, Gabe is well aware that Harvey is acting preoccupied and somewhat distant.  Whatever is bothering Harvey matters to his human lover.  Could it be something as simple as Gabe not saying those three little words or is it something else?  Harvey has the advantage of time, Gabe, not so much.


Life and death adventures await an intrepid vampire hunter and his vampire partner in Temper Sanguine.  A new mystery is waiting to be solved by the unique couple who charm and bedevil in this fast paced breezy thriller.  Great dialogue, original plotline, and engaging characters prove Temper Sanguine a worthy second story.  Easily a standalone tale and hopefully we haven’t heard the last of Gabe and Harvey.  They are magic together.

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