TEMPERANCE by Stephanie Tyler

TEMPERANCE by Stephanie Tyler

TEMPERANCE by Stephanie TylerTemperance by Stephanie Tyler
Series: Defiance #4
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published

Those who survived called it the Chaos.  Earth’s atmosphere was crippled, volcanos erupted, and the land barely limped along.  A thick layer of ash covered the skies and torrential, deadly rain storms seemed endless.  In the end those who had underground hideaways were the strongest.


In post apocalyptic Chaos the Defiance Motorcycle Club and Keller’s mafia compound were able to thrive.  Other groups survived as well, like the Lords of Vengeance Motorcycle Club who recently attempted to decimate Keller’s compound and caused great loss of life before they were driven off.  Retaliation, however, was brutal.  Whispers of another group called the Nomads were reported to have psychic talents, though no one ever lived to verify their existence.


To strengthen their home bases Defiance and Keller call a truce, an alliance against all others.  Willing hostages are exchanged between them.  Keller sends one of his top men, the assassin Declan to Defiance.  The club is unaware that Declan and Rebel, one of the MC’s ranking members, are engaged in a secret relationship.  Rebel is adamant that no one can know.  His life could be in danger within the club if anyone found out.  At first they were scratching an itch, but now it’s different.  Neither will admit to love yet… Declan will be with Rebel every day, within reach.  Talk about Chaos.


Temperance sets the stage for madness in a world few are equipped to handle.  Life is cheap and love can be deadly in the fourth Defiance story.  Brutal times, intense characters, and excruciating emotional baggage Temperance delivers a dynamic tale.  Author S.E. Jakes, otherwise known as Stephanie Tyler, pens a terrific story set in a cruel future with potent characters, driving dialogue, and deadly rivals.  This complex book will keep you up reading long past bedtime.  I Joyfully recommend Temperance for her passionate cast, incredible sexuality, and a story not to be missed.

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