TEST DRIVE by Marie Harte

TEST DRIVE by Marie HarteTest Drive by Marie Harte
Series: Body Shop Bad Boys #1
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Sourcebooks


Test Drive is the first book in the Body Shop Bad Boys series which is a spin off from the McCauley Brothers series and while we meet some brand new characters some of the previous characters make some appearances throughout the story. I really like that you don’t have to read the previous books to get totally engrossed in the Body Shop Bad Boys series and oh are these boys bad yet they are so good.


In Test Drive we meet Johnny who works in the garage as a mechanic alongside three other totally hot guys who are all bad ass in their own way. While Johnny is known for his playboy ways if he met the right woman he would change, but for the last four years he only has his sights set on one woman and after four years of asking her on a date he hopes soon she will say yes.


Lara is putting herself through nursing school while she bartends at night. She isn’t only beautiful and talented but she is driven to make a better life for herself. Lara also doesn’t have much time to date, but if she did she would definitely want to try it with Johnny. When Lara agrees to one date the sparks are flying and Lara realizes she just might be in over her head.


Already I am in love with Johnny and the other guys in the garage. They are close and I really enjoyed the banter between them. At first they come off crude but the way they soften up around Lara goes to show they have a deeper side to them and I honestly can’t wait to read each of their stories.


Marie Harte did an excellent job at bringing Lara and Johnny together. They were both different and lead very different lives yet during their relationship it showed a growth not only between them as a couple but within themselves. Over the time Lara and Johnny date they begin to learn more about one another and they start to fall harder. At first the story started out a little on the slow side but once it started moving I couldn’t get enough of them.


Test Drive is hot, sweet and had me begging for more! Ms. Harte brought the heat with the love scenes and the romance took center stage on what was really a fantastic read. The process between Johnny and Lara wasn’t rushed and actually took time even though they had been running into each other for the past four years. Johnny has such great qualities I wanted to clone him for myself. Lara was strong and yet I loved the way she leaned on him when she needed him.


While there is some drama it’s not the over the top drama that usually has me rolling my eyes. Test Drive also had humor and heart that has me looking forward to reading the next book in the series and learning more about these bad boys and the women who win their hearts.

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