THAT’S NOT MY BABY by Erosa Knowles

THAT’S NOT MY BABY by Erosa KnowlesThat's Not My Baby by Erosa Knowles
Series: Club Reclamation #3
Genres: Contemporary, Interracial, Military
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As a man of honor, Max Delgado always keeps his promises.  When the widow of his deceased teammate is violently attacked, Max will do whatever in his power to keep her safe. Max and his ex-military teammates are determined to hunt down and eliminate the threat before it could end her and her unborn child’s lives.  To add more fuel to the fire, Max and Tamara are at odds because he wants to move their relationship to the next level, whereas, Tamara wants to take things slowly until his son, Kevin, can get to know her.


Will Max be able to keep his promise?  And, more importantly, after enduring the glitches in their whirlwind courtship, will Max and Tamara’s relationship survive this new obstacle?


I have thoroughly enjoyed Erosa Knowles’ Reclamation series.  She is such a great storyteller.  I was hooked from the first book, Murder At The Beach. With each book my love of these characters and their story never diminished.  The latest book, That’s Not My Baby is a dramatic conclusion to a spectacular plot surrounding the dealings of Max’s son’s kidnapping.  All the pervious happenings come full circle and every intriguing question is answered.  My most favorite part of That’s Not My Baby is the relationship between Max and Tamara throughout the progression of the series.  Watching the development of their intimate connection during the challenging events made the series just that much more enjoyable. It was a nice change to see a couple building a lasting bond through the many trials and tribulations Max and Tamara had to overcome.  Lastly, fresh tidbits were released to pique the readers interest for possible future stories in the Reclamation series and I am looking forward to more upcoming Reclamation reads.


Note:  The Reclamation series is meant to be read in chronological order.

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