THE BIG GIRL’S GUIDE TO BUYING LINGERIE by Amie StuartThe Big Girl's Guide to Lingerie by Amie Stuart
Series: , Texas #4
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
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Three years ago, Jade Ballard almost made the worst mistake of her life by marrying her no-good, two-timing ex-fiancé.  Cutting all ties from her pervious luxurious lifestyle and her well-to-do family, Jade finds comfort with food and an online romance where she does not have to deal with fictitious people.


Rowdy Yates has no time for long-term romances.  He is more of a “which woman will I take home tonight” type of guy.  For him it’s the more the merrier.  That is until he discovers the identity of his online romance to be Jade Ballard.  Not only does Rowdy know her, he has always thought of her as a snobbish woman.


Now that their real life identities have been revealed will Jade and Rowdy overcome their years of aversion for each other to find a happily-ever-after?


The Big Girl’s Guide to Buying Lingerie leaves me with mixed feelings.  On one hand, I like the two different personalities that Jade and Rowdy show to the world verse the one they have as online lovers.  While, on the flipside, the extended family dynamics leaves a lot to be desired.  The plot is filled with individual hang-ups that must be overcome in order to welcome love for the most unexpected person and to accept one’s self regardless of outer appearance.  The sexual encounters were steamy hot and the lingerie only added more spark to the foreplay between Jade and Rowdy.  Let me tell you the horse scene takes the cake and had me squirming around in my seat with heated desire.  Overall, I find this book to be a passable read with humorous moments, passionate sexual scenes, and self-discoveries.

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