THE BIKER’S PUP by Sean Michael

THE BIKER’S PUP by Sean Michael
The Biker's Pup
by Sean Michael

Published by Pride Publishing Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
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The Gay Rider’s Carnival is an annual event Whip always looks forward to attending.  It’s a chance for him to visit with old friends, see what’s new on the BDSM market, and hopefully enjoy a couple of pleasurable hook ups.


Because Whip likes his comforts he’s already reserved a cabin at the far end of the festivities.  What he didn’t expect was to find a young man hiding in his cabin.  Seeing the bruise on the boy’s jaw gave Whip a pretty good idea of why he was alone in the dark.  An honorable master, Whip can’t abandon a boy who clearly needs a helping hand.  Giving aid over the weekend is one thing, falling in love something else entirely.


A clever mix of charm and sweet erotica.  Fast pacing, engaging characters and a satisfying plotline makes The Biker’s Pup a truly enjoyable read.  Whip and his new boy explore a healthy chemistry between them and find a stronger lasting bond.  The Biker’s Pup has a heartwarming feel to it, as well as lots of sizzling encounters.  This Carnival is a weekend of fun, laughter, and an unexpected love.

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