The Billionaire's Dare
by Lauren Hawkeye

Published by Kindle Worlds-Fan Fiction Genres: Contemporary
Source: Author

*Standalone story in Author Carly Phillips DARE TO LOVE series from Fan Fiction publisher Kindle Worlds.


It was Evangeline Wyatt’s dream to work for the NFL so she certainly didn’t mind starting at the bottom with the Miami Thunder.  Her current position is titled ‘team behavior manager’ though in all honesty Evan believes the job is nothing more than glorified babysitting.  Evan figures she did something bad in another life because her current charge is NFL darling Hank Ryder, a total pain in the ass and Evan’s ex.


The team is in New York for a game so of course Hank insists on going out late to a BDSM club of all things and Evan is forced to accompany him to keep him out of trouble.  A problem with her entry into the club is solved by a hot stud that comes to her aid.  Evan quickly realizes she’s playing with fire because the guy is none other than rival player Nick Aitken of the New York Vikings.  Surviving the night without incident is a close thing since the chemistry between them is electric.  Thank god Hank was too occupied to notice and behaved.


When Evan and Nick meet again she’s not on the clock and their time together is explosive.  From then on they steal every moment they can to be together.  In the meantime her working relationship with Hank is becoming more and more contentious and unpleasant.  Between a career with the Thunder and the love of a Viking Evan’s in hot water.  Something’s gotta give.


There’s a whole lot of scorching hot love in The Billionaire’s Dare.  This Dare to Love story features a clever plotline, witty dialogue, and honest emotions between the characters.  Sexy, erotic encounters are balanced against ugly, offensive confrontations and make a superb drama come alive. The Billionaire’s Dare is a truly pleasurable read. Enjoy.

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