THE BITE OF WINTER by Lauren Smith

THE BITE OF WINTER by Lauren Smith
The Bite of Winter
by Lauren Smith

Series: Love Bites #1
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Menage, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Zoey Blake was the only survivor of a tragic car accident that left her orphaned.  Nightmares continue to haunt her.  Destitute and starving, the only thing Zoey holds dear is the portfolio of photographs she took when life was better.  The final blow happens when she’s accosted in an alleyway and refuses to hand over her treasured pictures. As Zoey feels her life’s blood slipping away a stranger with a lovely accent offers aid.


Long ago when starvation was rampant on the Emerald Isle best friends Ian Kennedy and Connor O’Shea were forcibly changed into creatures of the night.  Their transformation came at a horrible price.  One they’ve never forgotten and vowed to never inflict on another without consent.


Decades past the two vampires shared a female human lover and life was good, but she was taken from them by another of their kind.  Ian is well aware that Connor is going to be furious when he brings Zoey into their home.  He knows Connor would rather go without companionship than risk losing his heart and soul again, however Ian is certain Zoey’s meant to be with them.


With the holiday season in sight perhaps it is the time to believe something or someone greater is at work…


The Bite of Winter focuses on the upcoming season for three lost souls and the results are exactly right.  Each with a sad tale to tell, The Bite of Winter offers redemption ménage style.  Emotions run high as Zoey, Ian, and Connor struggle to make their relationship work.  Their bumpy road to romance is heartwarming perfection.  Sexy and simply enjoyable this trio deserves happiness and work hard to find it.

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