THE BLACKEST RED: A Billionaire SEAL story by P.T. Michelle

THE BLACKEST RED: A Billionaire SEAL story by P.T. MichelleBlackest Red by P. T. Michelle
Series: In the Shadows #3
Genres: Contemporary
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Talia and Sebastian have spent years attracted to each other and yet something has come between them every time they might have had a chance to maybe find that future that could be theirs.  Talia has just published a book on her latest adventure, one where Sebastian was right beside her, and like all good authors, she changed names to protect certain people.  But it seems that someone has figured out exactly who Talia is talking about, and they are not happy that this story is in print.  Threats have led her publishing company to hire protection for Talia—yes you guessed it, Sebastian’s company.  Sebastian was not happy when Talia left him this last time, and he isn’t about to let her get away from him ever again.


Just as her book tour begins, someone spills the beans that Sebastian is the man who saved Talia during the adventure in the book.  Now, they are both in the spotlight, and the threats have now gone from that into definite danger.  Talia and Sebastian are keeping one step ahead of the madman trying to destroy Talia and Sebastian and, during this, they also are dealing with their severe attraction and their families.  As Sebastian and Talia figure out what is going on, it will drag them both back to the past they both worked so hard at getting past for the answer to just who has them in the cross hairs.  The question is, can they get to the finish line and capture the person from their past before one or the other loses their life and their chance for finally grabbing that future that has been taunting them for so many years now?


The past comes full circle for Talia and Sebastian in Blackest Red.  I wondered just how Sebastian would get Talia to listen to him so that their latest misunderstanding could be cleared up.  I was surprised and then laughed when I saw just how he accomplished it.  I really loved watching as they once again showed just how strong and hot their passion for each other was and once again I wondered if maybe this time they could be together as I always knew they had to be.  I really enjoyed watching as both Talia and Sebastian worked so well together to solve just who was behind not only this danger, but just how the entire circle of the events of their first meetings and the years up to now came together.  And yes, finally I got to see Talia and Sebastian get to the finish line.  I will say that I have loved watching Talia and Sebastian’s journey to this point and I can’t wait to begin the next journey in this series.  Blackest Red is a wonderful ending to Talia and Sebastian’s story and is full of their passion and yet even more suspense and danger to keep it interesting.


This series is one that must be read in order to understand what is going on.  As I said previously, now I really am looking forward to the next intense journey to happen in this series, and I’m very happy to know what couple it is to be.

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