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THE BUTCHER AND THE BEAST by Sean MichaelThe Butcher and the Beast by Sean Michael
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: Erotic, Gay, Historical
Source: Publisher

Dr. Stephen Grey has been kidnapped and brought to a pirate ship where he is ordered to treat Captain John’s wounds. He treats John, then demands to be set free.  John has other plans for Grey, though.  He gives him a passionate kiss that shocks and confuses Grey, so he pushes John away.  John has no intention of giving up easily though.  He wants Grey and he will have him.


John is trying to gentle Grey to his touch, but Grey is not responding well.  Grey’s struggles excite John as well though.  Grey thinks that John’s touch is forbidden, even as his body begins to respond willingly to his captor.


As time goes by, Grey begins to wonder if this pirate has captured his heart as well as him.


Passionate sex and stormy emotions combine to make The Butcher and the Beast a heartfelt and seductive story.  I thought I would go crazy with the need to see Grey submit to John.  Their transition from captive and captor to willing and eager partners is well done. The Butcher and the Beast is fun, romantic and sexy. I loved John’s aggressiveness, and Grey’s hesitance makes his eventual submission that much hotter!   The treasure that Grey and John find on the high seas is more valuable than gold!


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