THE CASE OF THE CUPID CURSE by Amber Kell & R. J. Scott

THE CASE OF THE CUPID CURSE by Amber Kell & R. J. ScottThe Case of the Cupid Curse by Amber Kell, R. J. Scott
Series: End Street Detective Agency #1
Genres: Gay, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Totally Bound

Reviewed by Lisa

Inheriting his uncle’s P.I. business and building feels like providence for librarian Sam Enderson.  Taking an online course and quitting his current job Sam plans to take over the business with one big difference, human Sam intends to have nothing to do with the paranormal world all around him.

Unfortunately for Sam the more he protests his desire to stay away from the paranormal world the further he’s drawn into it.  First a witch with a nasty disposition confronts him and then a vampire named Bob who likes what he sees in Sam.  Next come fae and a powerful shifter who insist on hiring him.  For someone who wants to restrict his business and life to humans, Sam’s not off to a very good start.

Serious dangers and humorous situations blend well into the quirky tale of The Case of the Cupid Curse.  Lighthearted fun, a frustrated Sam and a couple of intriguing mysteries keep the story moving briskly along.  The Case of the Cupid Curse has all the right ingredients for an excellent start to a new series.  Beware though, not every question is answered in the first book.


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