THE COMMANDER by Cat Johnson

THE COMMANDER by Cat JohnsonThe Commander by Cat Johnson
Series: Red,
Genres: Contemporary, Military
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Samhain Publishing

Reviewed by Jo

Just when they thought they were out of last chances, love comes around again. Red, Hot, & Blue, Book 12To his men on his SpecOps team, Hank Miller is simply the commander. They treat him like he’s more than a mere man, but Hank would be the first to admit he is full of the same fears, feelings and desires. He just doesn’t let them show. The military is his life, and that’s all he needs—until he travels to Pigeon Hollow for a wedding and meets the woman his men reverently call “Mama”. Lois Gordon is nothing like Hank envisioned. Instead of the plump, older woman happily baking pies in her farmhouse kitchen, Lois is a smart, sexy powerhouse who runs Gordon Equine...and tempts him to break all his own rules. The heat between them quickly flares into a weekend fling hotter than Lois’s oven. But with Hank’s dangerous career and two failed marriages between them, forever could be too much to ask for. Warning: Contains one smoking-hot mama and a man tough enough to not need pot holders to handle her.

Hank Miller has worked long and hard for his position in the military and for the last few years he has been the commander in charge of one of the best special ops teams.  While in just as good of shape as his men, time is starting to pass Hank by it seems.  After being misidentified during a training op, Hank begins to wonder if it’s time to accept a different job.  When asked to attend a wedding for one of his men, Hank agrees to and travels to a small town and meets a woman he only knew as “Mama” and gets the shock of his life.

Lois Gordon knows that she is really young to be the mother for three adult men, but they are the best thing that happened from her disaster of a marriage at a really young age.  Lois has worked long and hard to not only keep the family horse ranch in the family but to also raise her sons to be great men.  When one of her sons decides to have a rushed wedding at the ranch, Lois agrees and does her best to be ready for the crowd of people showing up.  Lois knows that the entire special ops team, that two of her sons are part of, is arriving along with the man who runs it. 

When Lois and Hank meet for the first time an instant heat sets both of them aback as neither expected to ever feel that type of feeling again.  Between baking pies and bachelorette and bachelor parties, these two middle age parents engage in a hot and silent weekend fling.  Neither Lois nor Hank do one night stands nor flings but it seems that the cards are against them as they will part when the weekend is over.  However, neither Lois nor Hank want to forget about the passion that sprang up between them and it will take all the logical and technical experience that Hank has gained to find a way to keep Lois and his career – not to mention informing both his and Lois’s children.

A wedding brings a second chance to two special people who never expected love to sprinkle dust on them a second time.  Lois and Hank learn that passion the second time around can be even hotter and more special in The Commander.  I have to admit that after reading the entire series so far, Hank really had been just the commander to the special ops guys for me also.  But once I learned more about Hank, I knew that he deserved the same type of happy ending that his men did.  I also have to admit the same thing with Lois, she was just the mother to two of the guys, and yet again I was drawn in to her back-story as it rolled out.  I loved watching as Lois and Hank met and then experienced a hot wave of passion. I just knew they had to find a way to make their future happen. I thought that Hank’s way to get all of Lois’s sons home was very crafty.  The Commander is a tale of fast blossoming love and hot passion for one well deserving couple, combined with the humor of life happening.


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