THE DEFEAT OF LAWSON by Stephani Hecht

THE DEFEAT OF LAWSON by Stephani Hecht
The Defeat of Lawson
by Stephani Hecht

Series: Lost Shifters #30
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

College senior Marty has everything in the world going for him, as long as his family doesn’t find out that he is a shifter.  Everything was fine until the day he shifted into a cougar.  Luckily Marty was by himself and so far he’s been able to stop from doing it again.


Unfortunately, Marty’s plans go to hell when he’s attacked by Ravens one evening.  If not for the aid of a hawk called Lawson the young cougar wouldn’t have survived.  After being saved by the hawk, Marty begrudgingly agrees to accompany Lawson to the Feline Coalition to learn more about the shifter world.  Once there he quickly realizes that his life has changed forever, there is no going back.  Marty can only see the downside of his new existence.  Lawson intends to show the cougar the upside, with a hawk by his side.


A life turned sideways.  The Defeat of Lawson focuses on a slowly developing romance between unlikely lovers.  Nothing prepared Marty for his new life surrounded by shifters so it’s up to a tough hawk to give a young cougar his own version of happily ever after.  Book 30 in the popular Lost Shifter series continues with engaging characters, drama, humor, and sizzling hot love.

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