THE DHAMPIR by Angela Knight

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THE DHAMPIR by Angela KnightThe Dhampir by Angela Knight
Published by AudioMinx Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher
Format: Audiobook
Reviewed by Shayna

Genevieve is a Dhampir – half vampire, half human.  Her genetics make her the perfect mate for a vampire, which is why, when she decides she needs a change of jobs, she applies to work for Hunter.  The gorgeous vampire is all-too-willing to have Genevieve for a mate, but in order for a union to form, they need to establish a bond that goes deeper than sex and blood.  But a mentally scarring incident in Genevieve’s past makes her unable to lower her mental walls enough to let Hunter in.  Can the vampire break through her shields to give them an opportunity to have forever together?

Angela Knight rocks this sexy paranormal!  The Dhampir is pure erotic entertainment.  Genevieve and Hunter fit each other like lock and key, making it easy to sit back and just enjoy the ride.  Genevieve has not only been hurt in the past, she was nearly killed by a vicious, evil ex.  It’s understandable why she struggles with opening herself up to Hunter, even though she truly wants to.  I loved that Hunter was patient and understanding regarding this struggle, and that he cared more about her as a person than simply the union he wanted to have with her.  All in all, The Dhampir is an enjoyable story from Ms. Knight, one of the greatest erotic paranormal romance authors.

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