THE DRAGONS’ DEMON: A Dragons Dream by Marie Harte

THE DRAGONS’ DEMON: A Dragons Dream by Marie HarteA Dragons' Demon: A Dragon's Heart by Marie Harte
Series: Ethereal Foes #1
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Eve Sinclair is a demon with a very important job as a measure of balance, and she has a couple of jokers as brothers.  When Eve learns that her brothers have taken a dragon egg from its nest and hidden it as a bad practical joke on her, Eve busts-out to find that egg and return it before anyone discovers the egg is missing.  That was the plan anyway, but a few things occurred before she was able to do that.  First, it was no ordinary dragon egg and, second, she was found with the egg before she could get it back where it belonged.


Ranton, commander of the dragon legion, is mad that the egg was taken under his watch, and he is out to find the egg before anything can happen to it.  Ranton is really surprised to find the egg in the hands of a sexy female demon and even more surprised to find out that the egg has spoken to this female.  Something is strange about this woman, and Ranton wants to find out what it is before he allows her to disappear.  Plus, he really wants to know how this special dragon egg was taken and by whom.


Eve knew she was in danger when Ranton appeared, but soon discovered it was much worse than she expected as she learns that this dragon egg is a royal one and very, very special.  Now, Eve is just hoping she can get away from Ranton without a fight.  Ranton and Eve might be feeling some attraction for each other, but the really strange thing is what the egg is telling both of them.  Passion explodes between them but, even so, Eve is determined to get back to her job.  Ranton and the egg are torqued when they discover Eve is gone.  Eve thinks she has gotten away mostly scot-free, or has she?  The real questions are, why does the new royal want Eve, and what about how Ranton feels about Eve and, even more importantly, can Eve return their feelings?


Take one sexy demon and two determined dragons and you have a most unusual love story in The Dragon’s Demon: A Dragon’s Dream.  I thought Eve had enough to handle with Ranton, but when you add in Jentaron, I knew it was going to be one unusual adventure and, yet, I learned it wasn’t what might have been expected.  I enjoyed watching as Eve worked hard to do her job and also protect the young dragon both before and after he was born.  Ranton got full marks for his determination to have Eve as his mate.  I really loved the scene where Eve’s brothers received their punishment and Ranton went to claim Eve as his mate. What I will say is don’t start this book thinking you know the outcome, because I can tell you, you will be wrong.   The Dragon’s Demon: A Dragon’s Dream is a great mixture of suspense, passion, sibling rivalry, and a great beginning to what I think will be a good series.

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