The End of Darkness
by Jaime Rush

Series: Offspring
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal, Suspense
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Miranda

Erica Evard has always been different but now she knows what she is supposed to do.  She plans to hunt down every evil person and make them pay.  She feels the evil growing and understands that her lifespan might be cut short by her need to seek justice. When she meets Magnus McLeod, she can feel the darkness within him but there is also something about him that draws her near.

Magnus has run from his family out of fear. The darkness hiding inside him could come out and hurt those he loves.  When he meets Erica he is drawn to her immediately.  He wants her passionately and is determined to get her then protect her, but she doesn’t need him as much as he thinks.  As the danger starts hunting them they must rely on each to survive the darkness.

The End of Darkness is an exciting end to a wonderful series. I love Jaime Rush’s Offspring series it’s full of great characters, sexual chemistry and intense suspense.  Erica and Magnus both have dark issues they are dealing with so it is only fitting that these two bring down a big baddie.  I love Magnus, always have, and Erica is the perfect woman for him. She is tough and sensitive. Erica can stand with her man and up to him as well.  It was also great to watch Copeland find love too. His character has always been interesting and I wanted him to find some loving as well.  The interaction between him and Lanna is lustful and funny. They share some really great scenes.  I hope to see all of these characters resurface someday.  The End of Darkness is fast-paced, emotional and hot!

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