THE GENTLEMAN’S KEEPER by Bonnie Dee & Summer Devon

THE GENTLEMAN’S KEEPER by Bonnie Dee & Summer Devon
The Gentleman's Keeper
by Bonnie Dee, Summer Devon

Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Gay, Historical
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Reviewed by Cassie

Confronting the darkness of his past, he finds the light of his future. After years gadding about Europe, Everett Gerard can no longer avoid his responsibilities. Word has come that a child bearing the unmistakable Gerard stamp has shown up at the family estate—and he realizes it’s time to face his demons. As his carriage nears the gates of home, he fights the urge to flee the memory of the horrible crime he witnessed as a child. Yet the Abbey delivers surprises and delights he never expected. Miles Kenway was content with his quiet life as the Abbey’s bailiff, until the wild child, clearly a bastard son of some Gerard, upends his peace with constant pranks and mischief. And when the master of the house arrives, an unsettling attraction heats Miles’s blood. As they clash over the fate of the ancestral land, they battle a powerful desire to grapple in ways that could disrupt the delicate balance between master and servant. But when the boy’s real sire appears, they must unite as only true fathers can to protect the boy whose mischievous charm has captured their hearts. Warning: Gothic murder, hot man loving, and emotional family drama

Everett Gerard is none too pleased to be summoned to the family estate by the bailiff, especially over the issue of an illegitimate child that can’t possibly be his, but he decides he needs to go sort out the situation.  Still haunted by a horrible thing he witnessed at the estate as a child, he plans to get the boy’s future arranged and leave the hated place as soon as he can.  Meeting Miles Kenway, the bailiff, face-to-face surprises the jaded Gerard in more ways than one.

Miles Kenway only wants to do his job and be left alone.  The nearly uncontrollable young man who runs loose on the estate interferes with that goal, as does the arrival of the stubborn, arrogant Gerard.  It doesn’t help that an attraction springs up between them right away—one that Gerard doesn’t hesitate to show him is mutual.  It’s not long before Miles is wondering if he’d rather fight with his employer, or do something much more pleasurable. 

Can Gerard and Miles work together long enough to secure the future of one unruly child, even when the real father comes into the picture? 

The Gentleman’s Keeper is another sweet and enjoyable historical romance from Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon.  Seeing their names on a book pretty much guarantees I’m going to like the contents, and The Gentleman’s Keeper was definitely not an exception.  While he may seem like a typical arrogant, uncaring rake, Gerard hides a great deal beneath his surface.  Meeting Miles, and the child everyone believes is his, brings those hidden qualities to the fore.  He goes from worrying primarily about himself to wanting to protect the boy, and from having countless lovers to wanting to have something real with Miles.  It’s a transformation I enjoyed watching a great deal.  The childhood demons he has to battle in order to make that transformation are horrifying indeed. 

Miles initially seems to have nothing in common with Gerard, other than an attraction toward his own sex.  He’s responsible and quiet, preferring solitude and order.  He’s very protective toward the young man in his care, even though he doesn’t have to be.  At first, Gerard’s lack of concern for the estate brings out Miles’s angry side, but once he sees that his employer has a real reason to dislike visiting the estate, his protective side turns toward Gerard as well.    

They have to work together to help a very frightened, damaged child.  As they both grow closer to the boy, they grow closer to each other as well.  The way they deal with the problems facing them was believable, and the resolution more than satisfying.  The cover’s nice, too.  If you like historical romances, pick up The Gentleman’s Keeper.  

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