The Goat Farmer's Guardian
by Charlie Richards

Series: A Paranormal's Love #10
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


An unpleasant introduction to the paranormal world leaves human goat farmer Zander Wheeler on edge literally every hour of the day. It doesn’t help that a wolf shifter patrols his property to make sure Zander doesn’t spook and say something he shouldn’t.


It all started because he was feeling guilty about dating a married man. He contacted his best friend Logan who had to tell Zander that the guy was in fact a vampire who controlled him so that he could take blood.  And Logan had met his mate there, a wolf shifter.


Trying to come to grips with everything he’s learned Zander is told one more truth.  Gargoyles are real too and one of them, Geoffrey is his mate.  By this time Zander is numb with disbelief or hyperventilating with stress.  At least Geoffrey is taking the courtship really, really slow.  Zander has every right to lose his mind, yet for some reason Geoffrey is helping him cope.  What a mess.  At least the goats are doing ok.


Author Charlie Richards’s scores once more with The Goat Farmer’s Guardian.  An angst heavy drama, The Goat Farmer’s Guardian focuses on one lonely human discovering the world isn’t what he thought.  Everything is thrown at Zander so he has a right to lose it.   A character driven story showcases the power of the human spirit. Zander is far from perfect and wonderful to witness with all his misguided ideals.  Enjoy the ups and downs, the ins and outs of a complicated life in The Goat Farmer’s Guardian.

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