THE GUILTY WEREWOLF by R. J. ScottThe Guilty Werewolf by R. J. Scott
Series: Supernatural Bounty Hunters #2
Genres: Gay, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Reviewed by Lisa

Hunting down rogue werewolf shifter Connor Strand and the vampire he’s traveling with is Retriever Declan Finlay’s responsibility.  It is a more difficult situation for Declan because at one time Connor was his Alpha and mentor.  Another headache for Declan is the Fae Alliance’s insistence that incubus assassin Levi Tiernan accompany him on the hunt.  Levi and Declan have been dancing around their own relationship made worse by Levi’s plans for the future with or without Declan. 

Hunting down an old friend while trying to ignore or deny his feelings for Levi is pure hell for Declan.  The future is bleak no matter what Declan decides to do. With The Guilty Werewolf on the loose reluctant lovers Declan and Levi are forced to hunt.  The second Supernatural Bounty Hunters story revolves around opposite personalities who belong together and Declan fights the desire tooth and nail.  Their adventure begins immediately and takes them on an emotionally fraught journey.  Interesting twists add to the story as well.  The Guilty Werewolf should be read in order to fully appreciate Declan and Levi’s rocky romance and understand previous plot points brought into this storyline.  Conflict makes The Guilty Werewolf magical.

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